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Couple Therapy Session

Nutritionist Services

What can a Nutritionist do for you?

Nutrition Counseling can provide the tools to help you to:

  - Manage your weight

  - Improve energy levels

  - Improve sleep pattern

  - Improve moods

  - Improve exercise of physical capacity

  - Manage disease symptoms

Individual Nutrition Counseling can help clients with

  - Weight Management

  - Diabetes Management

  - Management of hypertension and heart disease

  - Sports Conditioning

  - Nutritional Assessment

  - Nutritional support for Cancer patients

  - Nutritional support for Persons Living With HIV/AIDS

  - Nutritional counseling for specific age and life stages

  - Pregnancy

  - Lactation

  - Small child feeding

  - Elderly

Nutritional counseling in a group setting can be provided for

  - Weight management Support

  - Diabetes Control Support